#1 Safety First

Always, always, think of your safety first. You really don't want to become famous for dying on an adventure.


#2 Plan & Prepare

Be ready in every way for your adventure, and prepare for the possibility that it all goes wrong.


#3 Don't Be a Taker

It's tempting to grab a cool bottle or hunk of metal, but don't do it. Once an artifact is removed from it's place in history, it just becomes a piece of junk. Eventually it will collect dust on a shelf or end up in a drawer. Next stop landfill. Then no one else gets to enjoy that piece of history. These places have already lost enough over time anyway. Take pictures as your souvenirs instead. 


#4 Bury your $#%!

As the book says, everybody poops. If you have to do it while you're out there, make a hole and bury it.  Toilet paper takes longer to decompose than you think, so even if you use it to pee, bury that too. We can't believe we even need to say that, but after seeing it enough times, we aren't taking it for granted.


#5 Quietness Counts

You may or may not be the only humans for miles around on your adventure.  Those who venture into wilderness usually want to find peace in solitude, so keep it quiet. The quieter you are, the more likely you are to hear through the walls of time.


#6 Respect the Residents

Where human enterprise and dramas once held sway, wild animals now play.  This is their home now and you are guest.  Act like it.


#7 Private Property

Many of these adventures take you to the edges of public/private property boundaries.  If it's posted, honor the sign, even if no one is looking.


#8 Take out the Trash

Ironically, the stuff we hike miles to see was often left 100 years ago as trash.  Sadly a lot of the people who go to these places now leave their own trash behind.  We carry extra bags to haul it out.  Follow the Golden Rule and leave a place better than you found it.