At A Glance

TRAIL LENGTH: 6+ miles, round-trip

ELEVATION GAIN: 2,207 feet

HIGH POINT: 3,730'



GOOD FOR: experienced mountaineers only 

WATCH FOR: road conditions, no cell reception, no trail

FEES & PERMITS: Northwest Forest Pass or America the Beautiful Pass

NEAREST RANGER: Snoqualmie Ranger Station


COORDINATES: 47°12.55'N 121°29.64'W

LOCATION: In King County, in the Mount-Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, near the North Fork Snoqualmie River, near North Bend.

HIGHLIGHTS: mine, waterfalls, mountain views

HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE: Very little is known about the history of the Beaverdale Mine.

Driving & Trail Directions

Locating this site requires advanced mountaineering skills such as wilderness routefinding and navigation. This adventure should not be attempted by anyone without significant mountaineering experience. For this reason, we have not included maps, but we've provided enough information for those with the necessary skills to plan an adventure to this place. 


We have found very little history on Illinois Basin and the Beaverdale mine. What little information we do have comes from "Bulletin No. 63, Geology and Mineral Resources of King County, WA" written by Vaughn E. Livingston, Jr., and distributed by the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources in 1971. According to this document The Beaverdale mine contained six patented claims owned by A.S. Ryland of Seattle. Originally there were camp buildings on the claims as well as a cabin, but by 1971 only the partially collapsed cabin remained. 

Three adits were driven on a vein of ore that cropped out about 1,000 feet above the cabin site. The lowest adit was at 3,280 feet of elevation, the second at 3,580 feet, and the third at around 3,720 feet. The two lower adits are caved. The current status of the third adit is unknown. For more information on the mineral composition of the vein along which the adits were driven, follow the link to the bulletin above. The images below are from the bulletin and show the 6 patented claims as well as a map of the top adit.